The world's first CTC blog for practitioners and their patients

The world's first CTC blog for practitioners and their patients

Welcome to the Circulating Tumour Cell (CTC) Blog: A blog committed to making current developments in CTC science accessible to both patients and their practitioners. For patients, this blog will translate complex, technical information into street-speak, so that patients might keep themselves well informed of current developments. For practitioners, this blog will provide links to notable publications both in pure and translational science.

The blog is about Circulating Tumour Cells: those very cells that escape a solid tumour and have the capacity of forming a secondary cancer, called metastasis.

"It is not the solid (primary) tumour that causes death of a patient, it is the metastasis that leads to a fatal outcome." - Prof. Katharina Pachmann 2014

Circulating Tumour Cells are a hot topic in cancer research laboratories, Oncology conferences and Oncology clinics worldwide.

A good introductory video on CTCs can be viewed by clicking here

This blog is written by a qualified genetic scientist who has been working in the field of CTC science since 2009. This blog opens a platform for discussion - please feel free to ask questions and comment. We will do our best to answer questions where we can, or link readers to further research and information if the question is beyond the scope of our expertise.