Clinical Case Discussion - Practitioner Meeting

Practitioners will be meeting to discuss Circulating Tumour Cell testing in their clinics. There will be a particular focus on discussing cases that have arisen in each practitioner's clinic, usual and unusual cases, and the utilsating and timing of CTC testing in the clinic.

Dr. Joachim Fluhrer will also present on the following topics:

  1. An update on CTC testing
  2. Clinical Case Discussions
  3. Maintrac and comparative technologies
  4. Rational and timing of chemosensitivity studies for chemotherapies and natural botanical agents
  5. Current validity and utilisation in the Australian Oncology setting
  6. Timing and interpretation of tests

Please bring cases that you would like to discuss noting patient date of birth, relevant family history and medical history.

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Please note the Seminar in Adelaide has now been cancelled until further notice. The Sydney seminar on March 16th is, at present, the only seminar open for reservation.