Maintrac Customised Combination Testing

Some CTCs can hide in the blood stream for months or years before activating and forming a second tumour. Some of them can even resist treatment. This test is a comprehensive evaluation of a person’s CTCs and includes a CTC Count, Companion Diagnostics and Customised Chemosensitivity testing. The Acute Treatment Response test is an optional addition.

Escapee cancer cells in the blood, or ‘CTCs’ as they are known can be found by a simple blood test. This test identifies and counts existing escapee CTCs in a blood sample, determines how a person’s CTCs respond when exposed to recommended chemotherapy regimens or botanical treatment, and analyses the presence of receptors for targeted therapies and/or biomarkers of aggressiveness.

Understanding the unique nature of each person’s cancer is made easy with this test. Each test is customised specifically for each patient by the requesting practitioner. Maintrac® Customised Combination test can be used by practitioners to:

  • Gain a comprehensive evaluation about the genetics and behaviour of a person’s cancer
  • Test the CTC-response to recommended therapies and test patient-eligibility for certain targeted therapies
  • Create a platform upon which very close monitoring of cancer status and treatment effectiveness is possible

Maintrac® is a state-of-the-art German technology that detects, characterises and tests CTCs. It has been critically validated and published in peer reviewed journals for over 12 years. Maintrac® CTC tests are acknowledged and utilised by many universities, Oncologists and cancer clinics worldwide.

The best way to monitor cancer activity and long-term effectiveness of treatment is via a single CTC count test every 3-6 months.

To order a test, download the order form and take it with you to the next appointment with your treating healthcare practitioner.