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Maintrac Companion Diagnostics Test

Biomarker analysis can be used to identify receptors that are targets for treatment, to assess the potential for cancer spread or to assist in diagnosis.

The identification of certain receptors present on a person’s CTCs may help practitioners design personalised treatment strategies. Such treatments target each person’s individual metastasising cancer cells via their existing receptors.

Clues about cancer aggressiveness, activity and likelihood of cancer spread can also be ascertained by the monitoring of particular biomarker presence.

A close look at the activity of biomarker genes and receptor presence on a person’s CTCs is now possible. Each test is customised specifically for each patient by the requesting practitioner. The Maintrac® Companion Diagnostics test can be used by practitioners to:

  • Test patient-eligibility for certain targeted therapies
  • Select and tailor treatments specifically for the unique nature of each person’s cancer
  • Monitor the effectiveness of hormone-blockade therapies


This test can only be ordered in addition to a CTC Count Test, which is $720 in Australia and $820 in New Zealand.

Available biomarkers:
AR, ER, PR, Ki-67, PLAPR (Sarcoma specific), PD-L1, PSA: $420
HER2/neu, EGFR, VEGFR, P53: $490

Other biomarkers may be available – please contact Genostics to discuss price and availability.

Prices are in AUD and subject to change without notice


Complete instructions for ordering a test, blood sample collection and dispatch can be found here

Tests can only be ordered by registered, certified Healthcare Practitioners.

To order a test, download the request form and take it with you to the next appointment with your treating healthcare practitioner.

Maintrac® is a state-of-the-art German technology that detects, characterises and tests CTCs. It has been critically validated and published in peer reviewed journals for over 12 years. Maintrac® CTC tests are acknowledged and utilised by many universities, Oncologists and cancer clinics worldwide.

The best way to monitor cancer activity and long-term effectiveness of treatment is via a single CTC count test every 3-6 months.