CTC Webinar Series

Presented by Dr. Joachim Fluhrer

Next in series: Level III
Tuesday 16th September, 6:30pm AEST

This next webinar (Level III) This evening, Dr. Joachim Fluhrer is hosting a webinar where practitioners will bring some very interesting clinical cases to the discussion table. It's all about personalised cancer testing. You'll learn how practitioners are using the clinically validated Maintrac CTC testing to keep a close 'check on the status' of a person's cancer, monitor the effectiveness of treatment and find treatment targets present on the metastasising population of cancer cells.

Now fully booked. Please let us know if you would like to be on the waiting list for this or gain access to the recording by filling in the form below.

Circulating Tumour Cells (CTCs) are the metastasising population of cancer cells. CTCs are now well established as independent prognostic indicators of metastatic disease. CTC enumeration and analysis represents a 'fluid-biopsy,' with results now firmly associated with clinical outcome.

Dr. Joachim Fluhrer will be leading a webinar series. You will hear the latest information about the unique biology and critical role of Circulating Tumour Cells metastatic cancer, and how to utilise CTCs in the clinic for personalised cancer management and optimal patient outcomes. You will also learn how to select the appropriate CTC test, and how to interpret results. Practitioners will have the opportunity to share and discuss clinical cases with leading CTC experts.

This series of three webinars will run every second Tuesday, starting 19th August. Places are strictly limited, reserve your place as soon as possible


Tuesday 19th August
6:30pm AEST / 8:30pm NZST

Metastatic biology, Circulating Tumour Cells and personalised cancer management
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Level 2:

Tuesday 2nd September
6:30pm AEST / 8:30pm NZST

In the clinic: monitoring treatment effectiveness and metastatic risk, CTC test selection and report interpretation

Level 3:

Tuesday 16th September
6:30pm AEST / 8:30pm NZST

Clinical Case Discussions: practitioner presentations

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