Genostics Cancer Seminar - Video recording available

Personalised and targeted medicine:
Screening, tumour profiling and management

 Sat 24th - Sun 25th Sept 2016
9:00am - 5:00pm

Four Seasons Hotel
199 George St, Sydney

Seminar sold out. Video recording + lecture slides available

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The seminar focuses on currently available options for personalised diagnostics and the effective monitoring of a person's cancer in real time, as well as presenting additional treatment strategies that may arise from personalised diagnostics. Nutritious lunch and snacks will be provided.

Seminar details

Careful consideration of the complete tumor context is essential to understanding and developing more effective personalized treatments that address tumor heterogeneity
— Zellmer and Zhang (2014), "Evolving concepts of tumor heterogeneity," Cell Biosci. 2014; 4: 69

The future of personalised Oncology is now. The network of Oncologists and Healthcare Practitioners who are applying novel technologies to assist in personalised cancer management is rapidly expanding.

The seminar will include updates on the latest in personalised diagnostic technology and how it is revolutionising cancer management. Presentations in cancer diagnosis and monitoring will include liquid biopsy, molecular profiling, immune/toxicity panels, and epigenetics. Treatment strategies presented will focus on the prevention of metastasis, recovery from cytotoxic therapies, immune and complementary therapies and a review of current Integrative Oncology Clinics. Case studies will be discussed and the seminar will be a great chance to meet and discuss personalised cancer management with colleagues.



  • Liquid biopsy with focus on Maintrac CTC
  • Tumour profiling with focus on OncoDNA
  • Monitoring treatment progress and risk of progression, liquid biopsies
  • Measuring contributing factors. Immune panels, toxicity panels
  • Methylation, current status of testing, DNA methylation


  • Prevention strategies
  • Integrative primary treatment
  • Recovery following cytotoxic therapies
  • Secondary prevention strategies
  • How to use botanicals and nutrients
  • Review of specific therapies, including IV nutrients and botanicals
  • Immune therapies including pd-L1 inhibitors, dendritic cell vaccines, NK therapies, p53 gene therapies, GcMAF
  • Biophysical therapies including hyperthermia, laser therapies (PDST)
  • Integrative Oncology clinics review

Subject to change
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Prof. Katharina Pachmann
University of Jena &
Simfo Gmbh, Germany

Prof. Alexander Haslberger
University of Vienna
Lecture recording will be
shown exclusively at the
Genostics Cancer Seminar

Prof. Toshio Inui
Kagoshima University
Saisei Mirai Clinics, Japan

Prof. Luis Vitetta
University of Sydney

Dr. Stefan Schuster
Simfo, Germany

Dr. Peter Eng
Eng Medical Centre, VIC

Dr. Mark Donohoe
Mosman Integrative Medicine, NSW

Dr. Soraya Felix
Masterderm Clinic, Australia

 Dr. Joachim Fluhrer
Genostics Australia, NSW

Dr. Joseph Georghy
Northshore Cosmetic Medical & Dental, NSW

Dr. Michael Thomsen
Eusano Healthcare, TAS

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What you can expect

Discover which scientifically founded options are available for clinical use, and become updated in novel technologies to look out for as the options evolve.

Understand which diagnostic options are appropriate for which patient at what time.

Learn how to implement these additional options into cancer management and how to monitor the effectiveness of therapy. This includes a discussion on the practical selection of available technologies and strategies, report analysis and case-studies brought by both presenters and attendees.


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These seminars offer practitioners a unique opportunity to meet and discuss personalised cancer management with scientific and clinical experts, become up-to-date in the latest scientific developments in the field and know your options when it comes to personalising cancer management for better patient outcomes.


Sat 24th & Sun 25th September

Four Seasons Hotel
199 George St
Sydney 2000

9am - 5pm both days
Nutritious lunch & snacks provided both days
GF, DF & VEG options available

One day (Saturday 24th Sept only): AU$295 (SOLD OUT)
Both days (Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th Sept): AU$395 (SOLD OUT)