Patient information: overview

Genostics® partners with the highly esteemed Maintrac® Laboratory (Germany) and is proud to be bringing the future of personalised cancer testing to Australia and New Zealand. Maintrac® is a state-of-the-art German technology that detects, characterises and tests CTCs. It has been critically validated and published in peer reviewed journals for over 12 years. Maintrac® CTC tests are acknowledged and utilised by many universities, Oncologists and cancer clinics worldwide.


To order a test, please follow instructions on the 'Order A Test' page of this website. For more information please contact us on 1300 282 482 or online.

Medical Advice Disclaimer

Please speak with your treating practitioner in regards to your eligibility for a Genostics® test. Genostics® tests can only be requested by a certified, registered healthcare practitioner. The Medical Advice Disclaimer (below, see footer) applies to all Genostics® online and printed material. Genostics® tests are not covered by Medicare.