Maintrac Acute Treatment Response Testing

The Maintrac Acute Treatment Response test is a series of 2-3 CTC counts. This test is intended for patients undergoing active treatment and all tests must taken within a period of three-months. A serial CTC count is a very sensitive measure of treatment effectiveness, is validated and correlates with clinical outcome. Serial CTC-counts may be used to determine the effectiveness of treatment and monitor cancer activity in real-time. The best way to monitor cancer activity and long-term effectiveness of treatment is via a single CTC Count test every 3-6 months. Patient information hand-outs for your clinic are available upon request by phoning 1300 292 482.


Maintrac Practitioner Information

Acute Treatment Response - Patient Information

Publication: Quantification of the response of circulating epithelial cells to neoadjuvant treatment for breast cancer: a new tool for therapy monitoring (2005) ...Read this publication