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Maintrac® CTC Test

The Maintrac® CTC Count test is a simple blood test which finds every Circulating Tumour Cell present in the blood. CTCs in a 15-20mL sample of patient blood are detected and quantified. Live cells are distinguished from fragmented tumour cells and analysed. CTC-count is an independent prognostic indicator, that is, it gives an indication of the aggressiveness of a patient's cancer at the time of the test. A single CTC count test is intended as a simple baseline count. The best way to monitor cancer activity and long-term effectiveness of treatment is via a single CTC Count test every 3-6 months. Patient information hand-outs for your clinic are available upon request by phoning 1300 282 482.

Medical director Dr. Joachim Fluhrer is available for expert consultation with medical and healthcare practitioners to discuss test selection and result interpretation.


Australia: $720
New Zealand: $820

Pricing is in AUD and subject to change without notice.

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Complete instructions for ordering a test, blood sample collection and dispatch can be found here

Tests can only be ordered by registered, certified Healthcare Practitioners.

To order, please download and complete a test request, and send it to Genostics via email ( or fax (+61 2 8088 7097).

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Maintrac Practitioner Information

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