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Maintrac Tumour Sphere Units

The Maintrac Tumour Sphere Units test is useful in guaging metastatic activity. It detects and phenotypically characterises tumour spheres cultured from circulating epithelial tumour cells in patients. The test provides the basis for the first functional test on tumour stem cells from the blood. The fluorescent cell balls carry both EpCAM and the stem cell markers CD44 and ALDH 1 and low CD24. High numbers of spheroids are associated with metastases.  Please note a period of up to 21 days in growth media is required for cancer cell clusters. The best way to monitor cancer activity and long-term effectiveness of treatment is via a single CTC Count test every 3-6 months. Patient information hand-outs for your clinic are available upon request by phoning 1300 282 482.


Maintrac Practitioner Information

Tumour Sphere Units - Patient Information

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Customised Chemosensitivity testing can only be ordered in addition to a CTC Count
To order, please download and complete a test request, and send it to Genostics via email ( or fax (+61 2 8088 7097).