Customised Chemosensitivity

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Customised Chemosensitivity

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Test for treatments

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Maintrac Customised Chemosensitivity test exposes a person’s CTCs to recommended chemotherapy or other cancer killing agents, as selected by healthcare practitioners. This test is to see which therapy or therapy combination is most effective at killing a person’s CTCs. CTCs that survive exposure are said to be resistant while CTCs that are killed by exposure are said to be sensitive. For more details, please visit our patient and practitioner information pages.

Maintrac® is a state-of-the-art German technology that detects, characterises and tests CTCs. It has been critically validated and published in peer reviewed journals for over 12 years. Maintrac® CTC tests are acknowledged and utilised by many universities, Oncologists and cancer clinics worldwide. The Maintrac laboratory (SIMFO) is accredited by the German laboratory accreditation organisation, DAKKS. DAKKS is a signatory to the International Laboratory Accreditation Coorporation, ILAC. Signatories to ILAC agree to a Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) whereby testing performed in accredited laboratories is recognised as equivalent to testing in other equally accredited laboratories. More information about the accreditation can be found by clicking here. Genostics® is proud to be bringing Maintrac® technology to the Australia and New Zealand medical communities.


Pricing: Customised Chemosensitivity testing can only be ordered in addition to a CTC Count test. A baseline CTC count is $630 in Australia and $715 in New Zealand. In addition to the CTC Count, Chemosensitivy tests are $650 for each individual-substance test and $850 for each combination of 2-3 substances. Note only one CTC count is necessary when multiple agents and combinations are tested. This test is not covered by Medicare. Prices are in Australian Dollars and are subject to change without notice.


Order this test:  This test can only be ordered by certified, registered healthcare practitioners and is the baseline test for all other Maintrac tests. Please discuss your eligibility for a test with your healthcare practitioner. This test can only be ordered in addition to a CTC Count test. To order, please download the appropriate test request form below and take it with you to the next appointment with your treating practitioner and follow instructions on the 'Order A Test' page of this website. For more information please contact us on 1300 282 482 or online.