Genostics KYO II Cancer Seminar 2017 - Video recording (available for pre-order)

Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th November, 2017
Four Seasons, Sydney

The seminar focused on currently available options for personalised diagnostics and the effective monitoring of a person's cancer in real time, as well as presented additional treatment strategies that may arise from personalised diagnostics.

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Genostics Cancer Seminar 2018: KNOW YOUR OPTIONS III

Personalised and targeted medicine: Screening, tumour profiling and management

Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th October, 2018

9:00am - 5:00pm

Four Seasons Hotel
199 George St, Sydney

This is a practitioner-only event.

The advancement of molecular science and technology has paved the way for a phenomenal paradigm shift in medicine. Personalised medicine is now fast progressing from a focal point of medical research into clinical protocol across the globe. In no other field of medicine is the demand for personalised medicine greater than it is in Oncology.

The seminar focuses on currently available options for personalised diagnostics and the effective monitoring of a person's cancer in real time, as well as presenting additional treatment strategies that may arise from personalised diagnostics. Nutritious lunch and snacks will be provided. More details below:

Seminar details

The future of personalised Oncology is now. The network of Oncologists and Healthcare Practitioners who are applying novel technologies to assist in personalised cancer management is rapidly expanding.

The seminar will include updates on the latest in personalised diagnostic technology and how it is revolutionising cancer management. Presentations in cancer diagnosis, ongoing monitoring and treatment strategies.

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December Seminar

December Seminar

CTC Seminar:

Monitoring the effectiveness of cancer treatment

A joint-seminar with Dr. Katherina Pachmann and Dr. Fluhrer

Practitioners are invited to join practitioners at the Genostics CTC Seminar designed to bring you the latest information on how to monitor the effectiveness of cancer treatment, presented by world-renowned CTC scientist Prof. Katherina PachmannThe Seminar

Circulating Tumour Cells (CTCs) are the metastasising population of cancer cells. CTCs are now well established as independent prognostic indicators of metastatic disease. CTC enumeration and analysis represents a 'fluid-biopsy,' with results now firmly associated with clinical outcome. Practitioners and Oncologists who are interested or are already benefiting from using CTC-tests will be in attendance.

Prof. Katherina Pachmann is a world-renowned expert in Circulating Tumour Cell science - both in research and in translational medicine. She has worked internationally in academically and scientifically acclaimed cell research centers. She will be presenting new research at COSA and the World Cancer Congress in November in Melbourne, as well as presenting seminars to practitioners in locations around Australia and New Zealand.

Dr. Joachim Fluhrer has recently been acknowledged internationally for Excellence in Integrative Medicine, and will be touring alongside Prof. Pachmann. Dr. Fluhrer brings his clinical and medical expertise to the discussion table, and is passionate about facilitating the best in evidence-based medical research for use in the clinical setting.

This seminar will be a unique opportunity to meet CTC expert scientist Prof. Pachmann and discuss clinical cases you might have with her and Dr. Fluhrer together. The seminar will include updates on the latest in CTC-technology and how it is revolutionising cancer monitoring, and will be a great chance to meet and discuss personalised cancer treatment with colleagues.

CTC Characterisation is expected to contribute to guiding specific targeted therapies to a defined population of cancer patients within a certain therapeutic window - which is the hallmark of personalized medicine
— Alix-Panabieres & Pantel, Clinical Chemistry 2014, 59(1): 110-8

More info.. Professor Pachmann has concentrated her research career on the detection, identification, and treatment of cancer cells in the peripheral blood. Professor Pachmann has worked in cell research internationally in academically and scientifically acclaimed centres such as Karolinka Insitute Stockholm, Sweden; Institute of Hematology,GSF Munich, Germany; MD Anderson Cancer Centre Houston, Texas.


Presently Professor Pachmann has her laboratory at the Klinik fur Innere Medizin II Fredrich-Schiller Universitat in Germany, where she holds Professorship Experimental Hematology and Oncology. Professor Pachmann has numerous publications in world renowned journals of Hematology, Clinical Oncology, Surgical Oncology and Cancer Research.


CTC Webinar Series

Presented by Dr Joachim Fluhrer

Level I: (Completed)
Metastatic biology, Circulating Tumour Cells and personalised cancer management

Level II: (Completed)
In the clinic: monitoring treatment effectiveness and metastatic risk, CTC test selection and report interpretation

Level III: (Completed)
Clinical Case Discussions: practitioner presentations